Pearson launches ActiveTeach for K-12 Education in India

Pearson launches ActiveTeach for K-12 Education in India
Hyderabad, November 21: Pearson Education, the digital education solutions compnay today announced launch of ActiveTeach, the most comprehensive digital learning solution yet for Indian schools. It was showcased during a workshop organized by Pearson Education on ‘“Power Learning”, conducted by Savita Naware, educationist and teacher trainer.

ActiveTeach will be available for students of Classes 3 to 8 and will cover English and science. This solution has two separate versions—one for teachers and another for the students. The teacher’s pack comes with a comprehensive teacher’s resource book (including digitally integrated lesson plans, worksheets, formative assessments and summative questions papers), and the student’s pack has a parent’s guide to establish home connections. ActiveTeach is compatible with every platform in the existing interactive white boards (IWB), normal AV classrooms, desktops and laptops. It is a cost-effective and enriching digital solution suited to Indian classrooms with no recurring cost to the school.

Functionalities of ActiveTeach
· All the worksheets are provided in Microsoft Word Document format, which enables the teacher to edit them quite easily.
· There are tools to project, zoom, highlight or annotate key areas of the e-book.
· There are easy navigation buttons that helps one to jump from one part of the content to another or easily flip through the pages.
· The Find Resources link creates a table of content for all digital resources within the e-book.
· The CCE link lists the suggested tasks for formative assessment of learners.
· The tools give flexibility to teachers to build their own lesson by exploring the range of interactive activities, worksheets and video clips in the resource bank.
· Audios and answers keys are provided within the digital platform.
· The Notes feature helps one to stick notes on the referenced page.
· The Dynamic Question Bank helps the teacher to generate question papers with ease.
(Source: Press Release)

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